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Thermoplastic Technology

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by byersbushblog

Powder coatings come in two chemical formulas, one is the thermoset and the other is the thermoplastic. While most blog posts and articles discuss the benefits of thermoset, very few share any information about thermoplastics. At Byers Bush are proud to use thermoplastic technology and we want to share information about this exciting thermoplastic powder coating product.


Top Performing Powder Coat

Thermoplastics are the top performer in the world of powder coating, even when compared to thermoset coatings. It is common for thermoplastic powder coatings to outlast the spray of salt for over 5,000 hours, to survive for over 10 years of UV rays, and resist 500 pounds per inch of impact. Thermoplastic powder coating is growing in popularity because of these numbers.


Not a Waxy Substance

Many people think that thermoplastic powder coating is actually a waxy coating. This is a false belief. Thermoplastic powder coating involves chemistry that makes the product stick to metal with little friction, so the coating can be flexible and elongated while being applied. While thermoset powder coating requires curing time, thermoplastic coating requires little to no curing because the molecules of the product do not change in size like thermoset coating does. The only heat that is required for thermoplastic powder coating is when the powder is melted into a smooth film. It might look like wax when it is applied, but it is not wax at all.


Thermoset vs. Thermoplastic

Instead of returning time and time again to thermoset, it might be time to consider thermoplastic instead. Thermoset has a small mil thickness with a hard, rigid finish. Thermoplastic has 100 mil thickness (compared to the 3.5 mils with thermoset) and has more flexibility, which helps the powder coating last longer. The barrier that thermoplastic powder coating provides protects the base layer due to chemicals like nylon, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, and polyethylene.


Commonly Used on Grill Guards

One of the most useful places for thermoplastic powder coating is on the grill guards on pickup trucks. When thermoplastic is used instead of thermoset, the grill guards are able to resist impact damage. Thermoset provides more resistance to scratches, but the impact resistance is significantly lower. If you use your pickup truck for off-road driving, the thermoplastic powder coating will provide more protection from rocks and debris that hit the grill guards. The thermoplastic powder coating is less likely to chip off that thermoset coating.


Thermostatic Powder Coating Equipment

Thermoplastic powder coatings do not require special applicators. They work with the traditional electrostatic equipment. Some people use fluidized bed coatings and mini coating tools, too. When using an electrostatic sprayer, it is recommended to adjust the airflow and voltage, too.


Fluidized Bed Coating

When fluidized bed coating is used, thermostatic powder coatings can reach 100 mils instead of the typical 10 or 20 mils. In order to achieve this thickness, the piece that is being coated is heated and then placed in the powder. The preheated piece melts the powder coating and builds the thick layer. Outdoor furniture, like park benches, and welded wire often are treated this way.


Mini Coater Tools

The mini coater tool is used when a large lot of small parts needs to be coated. The parts are heated and placed into a bed filled with powder. The bed vibrates and the heated parts sink into the powder as a thick coating builds on the part. This process has a second step that reheats the part so the powder coating can flow out and build into a strong film.


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Our range of thermoplastic coating powders will protect your metal fences for life. We provide protection solutions no matter what the environment your fences –


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Sandblasting and Safety

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by byersbushblog

Sandblasting. The word itself brings images of grains of sand pummelling an object at a swift speed. The term offers no sense of safety, especially since it contains “blasting.” Sandblasting does live up to the connotation of the word, so our experienced sandblasters take good care to work in the safest environment possible.


Why Sandblasting is So Helpful

Sandblasting is a useful service for prepping metals and other materials before they are powder coated. The technique can make an older, worn out object look like new again. If the procedure is not conducted with the right safety gear, sandblasters can suffer from many physical problems. Sandblasting has been known to irritate the eyes, damage the skin and lungs, and increase the risk of cancer from inhaling the irritants that exist in the media. At Byers Bush, safety is our top priority so we outfit our employees with top notch safety gear.


Blasting Masks

When our sandblasters are busy at work, they always wear a blasting mask. The mask covers the entire head, much like the mask of a beekeeper. The biggest difference between the beekeeper and sandblaster masks is that the sandblaster mask has a sealed air supply, so the sandblaster does not have to worry about breathing in toxic air. The sandblaster’s mouth is covered as well as the eyes so keep the media from flying in and causing damage. The mask also covers the neck and the rest of the face with a bib-like extension. Many masks have eye protection in a tinted color depending on the light that are used in the factory. The masks also come with clear eye protection, too.


Blasting Suits

Along with the blasting mask, our sandblasters also wear a blasting suit made out of a durable, heavy duty textile. The suit covers the entire body with the exception for the head which is covered with the heavy duty blasting mask. The suit is made of a fabric that is tightly woven so the particles from the media have no chance to break through the suit and irritate the skin. Blasting suits often have thicker protection at the chest, because of the proximity of the sandblasting tools. Others are made to be extremely thick in all areas of the suit.


Hand Protection

The hands need protection, but they also need some flexibility. Sandblasters need to be able to use the machinery, so their gloves are made from flexible, yet heavy duty leather or other textiles. The non-leather textiles are designed to avoid having any media from the sandblaster slide through to the hands. The gloves also keep the sandblaster’s hands from injuries and cuts, as well as irritations.


Sturdy Shoes

The feet also need protection and sandblasters cannot wear any old pair of shoes. It is important that the shoes are sturdy and that they fit well. They should cover the feet without any chance of media slipping through them.


Ear Protection and Ventilation

Along with blasting suits and head wear, gloves, and safe shoes, our sandblasters also wear ear protection due to the loud noises from the tools. We also provide our sandblasters with a well-ventilated, yet isolated space that is dedicated just to sandblasting. We also take great pride in making sure that the safety gear is inspected on a regular basis and replaced when necessary. Our safety protocols have helped us provide sandblasting and powder coating services to our customers in the South-Central Ontario region for four decades. Our sandblaster has been working in the industry for 12 years.


When you are in need of sandblasting services, please contact us at 905-625-4334.

Why Choose Powder Coating

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by byersbushblog

At Byers Bush, we are dedicated to the art of powder coating. We understand that our customers have options for finishing their indoor and outdoor products and we are proud to provide the best powder coating and finishing services for them. Even though powder coating has been around for several decades, we know that some of our potential customers might not be familiar with the reasons why they should consider powder coating over other finishes. Right now, powder coating is used in 10% of the finishing market, but once people realize the quality finish powder coating presents, that number will continue to grow.


1. Protection

Powder coating offers more protection than traditional paint and other finishes. It is resistant to acid rain, salt water, UV rays, and other weather-related damages. It is also resistant to damages that can come from small debris on the roads, as well as brake fluid and other automotive chemicals. The protective quality is why so many people have their bicycles, motorcycles, and car parts powder coated. If you visit a local park, the majority of furnishing and play sets will have powder coating applied to them, too.


2. Remarkable Finish

Along with the protection, the finish is remarkable, too. Traditional paint drips and leaves unsightly drip marks and other smudges from the drying process. When you choose powder coating, you never have to worry about drips, smudges, or other unwelcome flaws. Powder coating never drips or runs, so the finish is second to none.


3. Environmentally Friendly

Traditional paint often contains ingredients that can damage the environment. Many brands of paint contain VOC (volatile organic compounds) that can have long term effects on the environment and on the human body. Even with good ventilation, finishing that have VOCs can cause health problems with people who are constantly exposed to them. Indoor office furnishings like office furniture, copy machines, and other commonly found items are coated with finishing that contain VOCs, unless they are finished with powder coating. Along with being free of VOCs, powder coating does not create much waste and in most cases excess powder coat can be recycled and used on other projects. Since so many companies are looking to shrink their environmental footprints, they are looking for ways to reduce waste. Choosing to use powder coating allows companies to reduce expenses and toxins, thus allowing companies to reduce their impact on the environment.


4. Heat Resistant

Powder coating is a perfect finish for items that are used near high temperatures. This is why so many automotive parts are powder coated. Traditional paints do not last when exposed to high temperatures. Many of them will bubble or flake which then exposes the underlying part which then becomes damaged from the heat. Powder coating will resist the heat on exhaust manifolds and mufflers. Powder coating is also found on other objects that heat up, like copy machines, washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, light fixtures, and microwave ovens. The finish is resistant to temperatures up to 800 degree Fahrenheit.


5. Useful for restorations

When you are looking for a perfect finish for a restoration project, powder coating is the only way to go. It is no wonder that so many project cars have so many parts powder coated, because of the durability, attractiveness, and affordability. We offer sandblasting services to bring old parts back to new, so we can finish them in the powder coating style of your choice. Powder coating can draw attention to engine parts, bumpers, rear-view mirrors, hood ornaments and branding labels, grills, and other car parts, which is why so many show cars have powder coating today.

We love to talk about powder coating, so you have any questions, feel free to contact Byers Bush at 905-625-4334.

Byers Bush Powder Coater & Sandblaster: Developing the Skills

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by byersbushblog

When we look for new employees at Byers Bush, we take pride in hiring highly skilled professional powder coaters and sandblasters. We know that our customers want their parts perfectly finished, so we search high and low for professionals who can meet their needs. If you are looking to develop your powder coating and sandblasting skills, you have many options.


What Powder Coaters Need to Know

Powder coating specialists need to not only know how to use the tools and technologies, but they also need to be able to learn about the newest procedures and media. Some powder coating professionals need to be able to communicate clearly with customers as well as in-house management. It is also important for powder coating specialists to be able to perform physically, because the tools and technology can be rather complicated and heavy.


Technology for Powder Coating Professionals

Many powder coating specialists need to be able to use computers and applications, along with their specialized technology. They need to be able to follow safety procedures and care for their safety gear and clothing. It is important that powder coating specialists also have good eyesight to be able to see the details on the parts and they need to be able to work well with their hands, too.


Degrees for Powder Coating Specialists

Powder coating applicants often earn associate’s degrees or bachelor’s degrees in related fields like metallurgical engineering or materials engineering. Many powder coating specialists also have certifications in different aspects of coating, technology, and safety from a specialty organization that represents powder coaters and provides high quality training. There are several different paint and coatings organizations that help set and maintain standards for the industry and they offer trainings and certifications in Canada and the United States.


On-the-job Training Pays Off

Even though we appreciate it when our applicants have experience, we do provide training so our new employees know exactly what we expect from them. Unfortunately for applicants, our powder coating specialists and sandblasters enjoy working for Byers Bush so we have very little turnover in house.


Training to Become a Sandblaster

Becoming a sandblaster has a different set of requirements. Unlike the powder coating career track, sandblasters do not usually have associate’s or bachelor’s degrees. Many of the best sandblasters have only a high school diploma or equivalent. We do appreciate it if our applicants have a few years of experience and so other employers in the same industry. Sandblasting is a physical job, so those who wish to find employment in this industry need to be able to lift 35 kilos or more. Professional sandblasters also need to know how to prepare the parts that are going to be sandblasted.


Quality Sandblasting Practices at Byers Bush

Like our powder coating specialists, Byers Bush do provide training for our sandblasting employees. We feel strongly that all of our employees understand the way that Byers Bush likes to have business done, so we take pride in training and encouraging our employees.


Certification Programs for Sandblasters and Powder Coating Professionals

There are no any recognized sandblasting standards organizations, but there are several organizations that do provide safety training for people who are powder coaters and sandblasters. The safety training is vital for sandblasters due to the media in the sandblasting mixtures and the need to protect the body, eyes, mouth, and lungs. Many of the finishing trade organizations provide high quality training programs in safety, communication, and operations. Earning certifications in these training programs can help sandblasters find careers that not only pay well, but are also rewarding, too.

The Importance of Responsiveness for Byers Bush Inc.

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by byersbushblog

In any business and industry, caring for customers is just as important as the product or service the business provides. In our do-it-yourself culture, business that offer services need to provide not only top notch services but outstanding customer service as well. At Byers Bush, we understand that you can purchase your own powder coating tools and get the job done yourself. But, before you do this, we encourage you to look at what we have to offer in the form of customer service and responsiveness.


Turnaround Time

One of our biggest sources of pride our promise of a three day turnaround time. When you place your order, we will have it finished within three days or less. If we do find that the project will take longer, we contact the customer as soon as possible. You will not find a faster turnaround time with any other powder coating and sandblasting company. Many do-it-yourself powder coating kits involve several days worth of work and they do not come with three-day turnaround guarantees, either.


Quick Paint Switching

We also take pride in the fact that we can work with businesses that need work done quickly. Our facility has three booths so we can switch colours quickly and easily, often in less than five minutes. We offer a wide variety of color choices, so our customers have many options to choose. Our customers and our employees are important to us and our employees work hard to keep our customers happy, even working overtime to get the jobs done on time or early.


Honest Communication

At Byers Bush, we believe in the power of honest communication. It is a fact that parts are occasionally damaged in the process of preparing and powder coating. If a part is damaged or something is missing, we will work with you to make sure the job is reconciled to your complete satisfaction. We do not want our customers to have any surprises, other the surprise of a job well done.


Quality in the Numbers

Our responsiveness is in the numbers. Our management group has been in the powder coating industry for more than a combined 80 years. The workforce that preps and coats has more than 180 years of combined experience. The wealth of experience in our employees shows how loyal and dedicated our employees are to serving our customers and providing the best powder coating product. We first opened our doors in 1968, which also shows our dedication to the industry and our customers. We have several customers who have been using our services for over a decade and their referrals show how much they appreciate our care and responsiveness.


Error-Free Services

Our responsiveness also shows our commitment to providing error-free services. We have several practices that help us ensure that our customer service and productivity is functioning at its best. Our return rate is one of the most important numbers that we watch because we consider it failing if an item is returned. We own the mistakes and we do everything we can to repair the situation. Our four point inspection lets us see that the parts are being powder coated to our high standards. If we notice any flaws during the inspection, we fix them rather than try to hide them and we talk to our customers about any issues that arise during the process of powder coating.


Start to Finish Quality

We also know that our work does not end when an item is shipped out of our facility. We ship completed items with the proper labeling, boxes, and packaging material. Our invoicing is completed properly to reduce discrepancies before we send them to customers. We truly strive to make our customers’ experiences flawless throughout the entire powder coating experience.